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Vessel Sinks: Glass Vessel Sinks, Natural Stone Vessel Sinks, Ceramic Vessel and Handmade Copper Vessel Sinks

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Choose from 1000s of Bathroom Vessel Sinks at LuxStores: Porcelain Vessel Sinks and Ceramic Vessel Sinks, Natural Glass Vessel Sinks, Natural Stone Vessel Sinks, and Copper Hand Made Vessel Sinks.

LuxStores offers the largest variety of vessel sinks on the internet from glass bathroom vessel sinks, to unique stone vessel sinks and copper vessel sinks, to beautiful ceramic vessel sinks you can find any size or design of a bathroom vessel sink for your project. There are also many brands to choose from: DreamLine Vessel Sinks, Kohler Vessel Sinks, Kraus Vessel Sinks and many more brands of amazing vessel sinks.

Glass Vessel Sinks

There are three types of Glass Vessel Sinks available from LuxStores: Natural Glass Vessel Sinks, Double Layer Glass Vessel Sinks and Glass Vessel Sink and Vessel Sink Faucet Combinations. Natural Glass Vessel Sinks are available in clear and naturally available colors like blue or grey glass. Double Layer Glass Vessel sinks are made by placing a colorful design between two layers of glass and then making a Glass Vessel Sink from the layered glass. Finally the Glass Vessel Sink and Vessel Sink Faucet combinations put together a standard Vessel Sink Faucet or a Waterfall Vessel Sink Faucet with one of our Glass Vessel Sinks.

Natural Stone Vessel Sinks

Looking for a one-of-a-kind vessel sink? Stone Vessel Sinks offer a beautifully unique vessel sink option. Since stone is a natural material each Stone Vessel Sink is a truly unique work of art. Stone vessel sinks come in many sizes, shapes and stone types. Some stone vessel sinks are round, others square. Some are made of smooth polished stone materials, and other stone vessel sinks appear with rough natural edges. Choose your stone vessel sink by size, shape, thickness of stone, stone polishing and stone type from Honey Onyx Stone Vessel Sinks to Back Galaxy Vessel Sinks.

Ceramic Vessel Sinks

Ceramic Vessel Sinks offer are functional and easy to care for. From the artistic designs of Kraus Ceramic Vessel Sinks to functional shapes of Toto Ceramic Vessel Sinks you will find the right model and a great price in the LuxStores Ceramic Vessel Sink. collection. With qualities like durability, ease of care and general beauty of our Ceramic Vessel Sink designs you are sure to find a great Ceramic Sink for your project. Add a tall vessel sink faucet or in some designs a wall mounted faucet and your bathroom project will be complete with one of our Ceramic Vessel Sinks.

Copper Vessel Sinks

Our new Copper Vessel Sink collection is truly an amazing addition to your bathroom. Hand-made Copper Vessel Sinks are unique works of art influenced by thousands of years of artisan traditions. From simple round above counter Hammered Copper Vessel Sinks, to modern square-shaped Copper Vessel Sinks you will find a vessel sink you will fall in love with for your bathroom vessel sink project. Some of our copper vessel sinks include beautiful hand crafted design features and some copper vessels are available in a variety of color finishes. Shop on-line or call our sale consultants to find the best Copper Vessel Sink.

Now that you know so much about the beauty and all amazing options for bathroom vessel sinks click on the following links to start your search for the perfect vessel sink for you: Hand Made Copper Vessel Sinks, Glass Vessel Sinks, Natural Stone Vessel Sinks, Ceramic Vessel Sinks and Porcelain Vessel Sinks