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Steam Showers, Steam Room, Steam Bath, Steam Sauna

Steam Shower Stalls come complete with all plumbing, top “rain” shower head, steam generator option, handheld shower and thermostatic water mixer.  Always wanted a steam room?  Our Steam Showers give you a great “steam sauna” at home – and you can take a relaxing Steam Bath any time.  Save up to 50% off a “custom” Steam Room by installing one of the Steam Shower complete units.
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DreamLine Shower Cabin SHJC-1238386-JT Atlantica Shower
Retail Price: $2,351.00
Our Price: $1,293.05
NIAGARA Steam Shower Cabin SHJC-2140406-ST
Retail Price: $4,975.00
Our Price: $2,736.25
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Steam Showers, Steam Room, Steam Bath, Steam Sauna

WHY ADD STEAM to a Shower?
  • Provides a luxurious oasis of heat and moisture
  • Allows for personal rejuvenation and peace of mind
  • Reduces respiratory problems- the heat of the steam will dilate your airways making it easier to breath
  • Causes perspiration whichflushes toxins from your pores
  • Produces increase nutrients and oxygen by increasing circulation which helps the skin look healthier and feel softer
  • Helps to relieve aches and pains in your muscles
  • Can help to relieve stress and increase blood circulation
  • Steam in the morning, followed by a cool shower, will rejuvenate and get you ready to get more out of life
  • Steam in the evening, followed by a warm shower, will help you to reach a restful and deeper sleep
  • Any shower can be made into a steam shower
  • Steam is an environmentally friendly product using less than 2 gallons of water for a 30 minute session and only $3 to $5 dollars to your monthly electricity costs.
  • Available options like aromatherapy, music, and chromatherapy to further heighten the experience